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Artist details:  Alain RAULIN



First Name : Alain

Status: painting, drawing, carving


Born on jan. 5 1969 to VALENCIENNES(north) FRANCE

Biography and Career in Art:

This is on the benches of the school at the age of 14 years, than that i have instigated my firsts drawings and sketch having already one wide preference in order to depiction.
Having grown in the north of the france i have had the chance of be able to visit of numerous museums or were statements the pleased greats painters dutch it without for so much some to undergo the influence because still today my preferences go to rather towards MAGRITE, DEGAS or VAN GOGH.
Immediatly after the age of 18 years i am entered in navy's national or at the sandstone of my travel in a lot of country foreigners i have let free course to my vigor artistic in some matters easy to to transport as well the mine of lead or the [pastel] dry.
My work schedule not i letting than that very little of times in order to i to launch in the paint, this are not that in 2001 to the favor way of life one's no longer sedentary and a first kit of paint to the oil offered by my womanly to the opportunity of the feasts of Yule than that i i are thrown in the paint.
Afterwards some disappointment in my attempt of painting some landscapes, i have settled to return to my firsts loves along with depiction.
Those preference i will let very fast of to leave as well can all artist in search of my clean train and of the real pleasure of transcribing upon webs my vision personal of the art and methods with that i agreed the better.
As of almost 1 year will now i believe to touch soon to the goal in my do research artistic basic some technical and matter but also very far away to approach what can all artist do research, the perfection.
This is on in those optical than that i i are thrown recently in a series of cloth having in order to subject matter the indians of which [géronimo] is for the moment the painting in who i think the pleased approaching of that than that i do research, thus that a other array upon the Tibet than that i come barely of beginning.
Having left navy's as of not much, i hope benefitting of that opportunity in order to devote in time full in this passion.

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